Sturdy Rosaries

Mother of pearl

This cute litte rosary is perfect for small hands. The aves are 6mm Mother of Pearl and the paters are Sodalite hearts. Strung on sturdy stainless jewelers wire and double crimped for strength.


Verdant Gate

I made this beautiful 8mm Moss Agate rosary with Italian medals, and HUGE wrought-iron look Pater beads, for a dear widower friend of mine. He has arthritis in his hands and  having the bigger beads really helps him to know when his decade is done, without looking at the rosary all the time. I used 49 strand flexible steel wire and I double crimped for extra security.

Gate to Grace
 Red Tiger Eye Aves shine with a deep lustre in this gothic inspired set of beads. Add smoky metal Paters, and amethyst crystal for some feminin sparkle. All is strung on super flexable 49 strand sainless steel wire and solidily attatched to a Miraculous medal center and an elegant crusifix.


Stella Maris

Like the ocean deep, the blues in this rosary show how deeply Our Lord loves those who honor Him. The aves are Sodalite, with a chattoyancy when seen in the light that lends a certain depth to these stones that make one think of the sea. The paters are Blue Adventurine with a little shimmer, capped with silver bead caps. A Sacred Heart center connects it all to a Fleur-de-Lis crusafix. 49 strand nylon coated stainless steel wire has been used with 2 crimping beads on each connection for extra security.


Crown of Roses

This Rosary has Rose Quarts aves and Rhodonite paters accented with bicone crystals.

St. Brigid of Ireland

This rosary is made with Moss Agate and white Jade beads with Swarovski crystal accents. 49 strand stainless steel wire holds them all together and double crimping ensures durability, so this rosary will last through many years of use.

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